Cotton Linen bra

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Bra made of Egyptian cotton and linen suitable for all skin types to improve the appearance of the body and raise the chest.

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We all love to maintain our health through natural and safe products for the skin and the general health of the body. That is why we have provided you with this wonderful, luxurious product.
✅ Bras made of Egyptian cotton and linen.
✅ It improves the appearance of the body and makes it perfect, whatever the size.
✅ Light and makes the body breathe and high endurance.
✅ Available in all sizes, even special large sizes.
We make special
✅ Suitable for all kinds of clothes (abayas - dresses - blouses - T-shirts).
✅ Its lining is linen and cotton and there are no allergens.
✅ There is not push-up inside & any synthetic fabric.
✅ Suitable for all weathers (summer - winter).
✅ Easy to put on and take off and provides a wonderful and healthy experience when using.
✅ Stable colors that do not come out with washing or fade.
✅ Available in five colors (blue - pink - olive - black - white).
✅ A historical Egyptian product made of Egyptian cotton and made by the hands of Egyptian women
Gorgeous ladies
✅ The product arrives to you wherever you are and payment upon receipt.
✅ The box contains two pieces.

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