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About Us

ISISAA is an Egyptian trade & export company, which established with the thought and will of a group of Egyptian young entrepreneurs who are glowing with ambition and unparalleled love for their country, based on their firm desire to support the Egyptian economy, and support Egyptian women in particular, as we realized what we possess of heritage and artistic wealth, and what we have Of the amazing capabilities and skills of Egyptian women, which are latent treasures that we aimed to extract and show them in the most beautiful and wonderful forms, to create a wonderful and unique world of various Egyptian aesthetic products.. Here at ISISAA company, our main activity is focused on the production of natural hand-woven textiles with the authentic Egyptian heritage. Our message: Our mission in ISISAA comes to serve as a light that illuminates our path, and adds more honesty and enthusiasm to all our current and future work. Our mission is simply: Quality and credibility: Quality and credibility is the most important thing we seek to achieve in ISISAA , as we strive through the sincerity and diligence of our team to provide the highest international quality standards, and we work with all our honesty and enthusiasm to achieve the satisfaction and happiness of our permanent and sure customers. Uniqueness, Excellence and Creativity: The idea of ​​ISISAA was born mainly on innovation and excellence, where we put uniqueness and facing successive challenges as one of the most important principles of our basic mission that we strive to achieve all the time, which motivates us to always give our best. A special message for Egyptian women: The Egyptian woman was and still is an important and vital part of the mission of ISISAA company, so we made sure that our most important principles revolve around her, as she represents the largest part of our work team, as we believe in the limitless creativity and skill of the female, while providing many diverse job opportunities for many Egyptian women. Effective contribution to the economic wheel: Basically, ISISAA is a company that was established by an ambitious and persistent team of Egyptian entrepreneurs. Competitive and global export products. Selection of the finest natural products: Choosing the finest natural products to be used in all of Ezisa’s products, is to complement the spirit of originality and purity that we always strive to emphasize in our company, as we insist on providing all our products from pure natural materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. Bringing the spirit of originality from the heritage: Our Egyptian heritage is the most important principles of our mission in ISISAA company. We rely on it and insist on exalting it in all our products. Egypt is a country of diverse and authentic arts, and our heritage is the treasure from which we always draw the spirit of our work and production. Our products: ISISAA company is proud to present a distinguished list of aesthetic products and natural handicrafts. Accessories: At ISISAA , we are proud of producing a distinguished world of accessories made of gold, silver, copper, precious and semi-precious stones. Ezesa accessories are handcrafted with great care, bearing the most beautiful and elegant heritage engravings and drawings. Our products are all safe on the skin and suitable for all ages and tastes. Women's clothing: Also, ISISAA Company for Trade and Export is unique in producing healthy underwear for women looking for quality and comfort, made entirely of natural Egyptian cotton, completely safe for women's soft skin, as it suits all places and atmospheres, meets women's need for practicality, durability and comfort, its colors are wonderful and its craftsmanship is perfect to mimic The highest international quality standards.

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Harvey Spector

Founder - CEO

Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Mike Ross

Intern Designer


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معلومات تاريخيه وعامه عن القطن المصري

فوائد القطن المصري في الملابس عديدة ومعترف بها على نطاق واسع. يشتهر القطن المصري بنعومته الطبيعية وإحساسه الفاخر وقابليته للتهوية. كما أنه نسيج شديد المتانة، لذا يمكنه أن يدوم لفترة أطول من الأقمشة الأخرى. كما أنه مضاد للحساسية وله خصائص طبيعية مضادة للبكتيريا، مما يجعله نسيجًا مثاليًا للأشخاص ذوي البشرة.

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ازاي تختاري البانتي المناسب ليكي

ازاي تختاري البانتي المناسب لك قد يكون اختيار الملابس الداخلية المناسبة لجسمك أمرًا صعبًا، لكن لا يجب أن يكون كذلك. مع بعض النصائح والحيل، يمكنك العثور على النوع المثالي لك. أولاً، ضعي في اعتبارك نوع جسمك. تم تصميم أنواع مختلفة من سراويل داخلية ( الأندرات ) لأشكال وأحجام مختلفة. فمثلاً .

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حمالات صدر ايزيسا التاريخية

حمالات صدر ايزيسا ماذا تعني لك حمالات صدر ايزيسا ؟ هل تبحثين عن حمالة صدر توفر أكثر من مجرد دعم؟ كانت حمالات الصدر المصرية التاريخية نوعًا من الملابس التي كانت ترتديها النساء في مصر القديمة. صُنعت حمالات الصدر هذه من قماش الكتان كما نصنع نحن حمالات الصدر الخاصة بنا ..

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